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Introducing the revolutionary aF4:  Redefining Aquarium Feeding with Unprecedented Innovation.

Embark on a new level of aquatic care with the aF4 – a patent-pending, world-first automated frozen fish food feeder. Meticulously crafted over 5 years of relentless development, experimentation, and continuous improvement, the aF4 stands as the pinnacle of feeding technology for both salt water aquariums and fresh water aquariums.

Key Capabilities and Features:

RSW Cooling Technology: Utilizing "Refrigerated Salt Water" (RSW) cooling technology, the aF4 is able to keep frozen fish food in liquid form and keep it fresh for a minimum of 20 days.

High Food Capacity: The aF4 is engineered to hold over 50 cubes of food.

Precision in Feeding: Tailor your feeding regimen with precision, ranging from 5ml to 50ml per feed.

Whisper-Quiet Operation: Experience tranquility with operating conditions quieter than a whisper, ensuring a serene aquatic environment.

Advanced Cleaning Mechanism: Experience unparalleled cleanliness with the self-cleaning feature between every feed and a full deep-clean function.

Smart Compatibility: Seamlessly integrate with smart aquarium controllers through a 0-10v interface, offering precise control over your aquarium environment.

Versatile Feeding Range: Reach new feeding distances with the aF4, capable of dispensing food up to 6 feet away from the aquarium.

Power Interruption Assurance: Rest easy knowing the aF4 includes a power interruption resume function, preventing food spoilage in the event of a power outage.

Versatile Mounting Options: Adapt to your aquarium setup effortlessly – the aF4 is compatible with rimless and euro-braced aquariums using the included tank mount. For rimmed aquariums, our rimmed aquarium adapter ensures seamless compatibility.

Effortless Maintenance: the aF4's removable food reservoir allows for easy cleaning, maintenance and fish food prep allowing you to stage food mixes in the freezer prior to loading into the aF4.

Condensation Collection Drawer: Simplify maintenance with a dedicated drawer that collects condensation, ensuring an optimal environment for your aquatic companions.

The aF4 isn't just a product; it's a commitment to precision, innovation, and the well-being of your aquatic companions. Elevate your aquarium experience with the aF4 – where expertise meets excellence. 

Dimensions and Weight

Dimensions: Width 5.87" (149mm) x Length 5.39" (137mm) x Height 6.85"(174mm)

Tubing Length: 6'(183cm)

Weight 4.94lbs (2.24kg)

Capacity and Operating Specifications

Capacity: 200mL or approximately 50 cubes of frozen food.

Operating Temperature: -1C to 5C

Max Ambient Temperature: 29C / 85F

Smart Controller Capable: 3.5mm, 0-10v interface. Compatible with any Smart controller capable of outputting a 0-10v signal.

Multi Mount Compatibility: Euro-braced, rimless, and rimmed aquarium*.

*Rimmed aquarium compatibility with the use of our rimmed aquarium adapter.

Shipping Policy

Most orders will ship within 48 hours however delivery and shipping information varies by country and region.

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Return Policy

We offer returns on unused products within 14 days of receipt. Return policy varies by country and region.

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All aF4s come with a hassle-free warranty. This includes the repair or replacement and ongoing support of your feeder. We want to ensure a great service experience for our customers. For this purpose, we have prepared a warranty statement to inform you of our procedures and how we intend to handle warranty requests.

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Included in the box

  • aF4: Automated Feeder

  • 12V 12.5A Power Supply

  • Multi Aquarium Mount

  • Deep Cleaning Tablet (1)

  • Removeable Reservoir

  • Quickstart Card

Multi Mount inside

Our included tank mount makes mounting the aF4 on your rimless or euro braced aquarium simple.

Have a rimmed aquarium?
No problem we've got you covered.

Want to feed through your return pump??
We've got that covered too.