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We strive to provide the best for your fish.

Established in 2019, inD Aquatics was founded to address a significant gap in the aquarium product landscape. Frustrated with the limitations of existing automated, "dry food only" aquarium feeders, our founder embarked on a mission to create a reliable solution, capable of feeding frozen fish food.

This need for a dependable solution became the driving force behind the creation of inD aquatics. Armed with determination and a 3D printer, the first automated frozen fish feeder, the aF4, was conceptualized. A successful Kickstarter campaign near the end of 2019 validated the demand for such a solution, leading us to continuous refinement and innovation.

​Precision, Reliability, Evolution

The aF4 stands as a testament to our commitment to overcoming challenges in aquarium feeding. Meticulously designed, rigorously tested, and refined over the years, it represents a significant leap forward in automated feeding technology. 

inD Aquatics is not just about a product; it's a dedication to the well-being of your aquatic companions. 

Join us in Redefining Aquarium Standards

In an industry where precision matters and reliability is paramount, inD aquatics is poised to lead the way. Our commitment to innovation is driven by a desire to provide aquarium enthusiasts with a solution that goes beyond convenience – it ensures the thriving existence of every underwater resident.

Choose inD aquatics for a more serious approach to aquarium care – because every aquatic habitat deserves the best.

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