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inD aquatics

the aF4 is (almost) here.

The aF4 fully automates the process of feeding your fish no matter where you are.

Capable of precisely dispensing user selected quantities of food at a regular interval or as directed by your 0-10v capable smart controller.

With a capacity of approximately 50 cubes of fish food and a tested freshness of over 21 days storage duration - the aF4 has your aquarium covered.


RSW Cooling Technology

Utilizing Refrigerated Salt Water technology (RSW), the aF4 maintains the freshness of frozen fish food in a compact form factor.

Automated Cleaning

Utilizing an ingenious cleaning system, the aF4 is able to self clean feeding tubes between every feed. An AutoClean feature automates deep cleaning of the unit between uses.

Precision Feeding

The aF4’s high precision, high flow peristaltic pump allows the aF4 to feed large particle slurry from up to 6' away from the aquarium.

Smart Controller Compatible

On board 0-10v input port allows control of the aF4 via smart controllers capable of outputting 0-10v signals such as the Neptune Apex™, GHL Profilux™ or Coralview Hydros™.