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aF4 Questions

Below are some common questions about the aF4 automated frozen fish food feeder.

How much food does it hold?

The aF4 holds up to 200mL of slurry. We've tested this to hold approximately 50 average sized cubes of food without dilution.

How long can the aF4 keep food fresh?

The aF4 can keep food fresh for up to 21 days when operated on the coldest setting (the setting all the way to the left with the snowflake.)

Keeping food fresh for this duration requires following certain steps and maintaining certain parameters. For a guide on those specifics - look here>

Typical freshness duration is between 10-15 days.

Is it compatible with smart controller "X"? Neptune Apex, GHL Profilux, Coralvue Hydros...

The aF4 is compatible with any smart controller capable of outputting a 0-10v signal.

For programming guides, look here>

Is it WiFi compatible? Do you have an APP?

No. Not yet at least.

How much power does it consume to operate?

That depends on how hard it has to work. The power supply is 12volt DC, rated at 12.5A but the aF4 typically does not need all that power. It uses the most electricity when bringing the reservoir to temperature, the rest of the time it uses significantly less power.

On average in a 68F ambient temperature house, the aF4 consumes approximately 2 kWh per day. This number will decrease with cooler ambient temperatures and increase with warmer ambient temperatures.

What is RSW? How does RSW work?

RSW, or Refrigerated Salt Water Technology or Refrigerated Seawater, is a techology pioneered by the fishing industry.

Insert Citations / longer definition

I have a screen top on my aquarium, what size hole do I need to cut in it to accommodate the feeding tubes?

For Rimless tanks:
When fitted to a rimless tank, the mount will be 26.5mm (1.04") wide and will protrude a minimum of 17mm (.67") into the aquarium.

We recommend having the hole made 28-30mm wide and 20-22mm deep to accommodate the aF4 tank mount.

For Euro-braced tanks:
When fitted to a Euro Braced tank, the mount will be 26.5mm (1.04") wide and will protrude a minimum of 20.5mm (.81") into the aquarium.

We recommend having the hole made 28-30mm wide and 22-24mm deep to accommodate the aF4 tank mount.

What are the temperatures for each setting on the aF4?

The aF4 has five temperature settings and they cool to approximately the following temperatures:

*From left to right
1. Snowflake Setting: -1C to .5C
2. 0-1C
3. 1-2C
4. 3-4C
5. 4-5C


Below are some of are common questions about orders

I'm an international customer and I'm unable to complete my checkout, do you ship to my country?

We can probably sort it out! Shopify has some interesting settings and certain countries require certain rules etc. If you're having trouble completing checkout, contact us @ and we'll do our best to get an aF4 out to you!

My card has been charged, but I have not received the order confirmation email.

You can check the order history and order number within "My account". The email may have been filtered to your spam folder.

Can I Change/add products to the original order?

Once the order processing has started, we cannot make changes to the order. However, if it has been less than two hours since you placed the order, you can cancel it by visiting the "My Account" section.

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